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EADY TO RACE STRAIGHT OUT OF THE GATE Featuring an entirely new chassis and damper, delivering enhanced tunability, smoother performance, and more progressivity than ever before. DOES NOT INCLUDE SPRING ADJUSTMENTS - Optional 2-position Open/Firm lever (retains high and low speed compression adjustment) - High-speed compression - 8 clicks - Low-speed compression - 16 clicks - High-speed rebound (w/VVC) - 8 clicks - Low-speed rebound - 16 clicks - Coil spring preload - (new detents on spring collar) SPECS & FAMILY FEATURES - NEW chassis & damper - NEW detents on spring collar to prevent loosening under light preload conditions - NEW high-flow main piston - NEW MCU bumper for increased end stroke progression and bottom out control - NEW ultra-low friction, highly durable hard chrome damper shaft finish - NEW improved high-speed rebound tunability via the addition of VVC (Variable Valve Control) - NEW improved bearing ratio for metric sizes - NEW graphics - Matching 8-click HSC and HSR adjustment on GRIP2 forks and X2 shocks - Increased control and decreased harshness via linear damping - Steel outer body and finned inner body for improved structural rigidity and reduced hysteresis - Independent firm mode circuit – firmer lockout than previous DHX2 - Reduced friction - Reduced length reservoir for a better fit on more frames
$799.99 - $844.99
- The all-new Super Deluxe Coil Ultimate was designed from the ground up, bells and whistles included. - Equipped with an entirely new chassis, the new RC2T damper with independent High and Low Speed Compression adjustment externally located for quick access, increased bushing overlap for improved small bump performance, and the HotDog Piston designed to keep your tires on top of rough terrain.
COIL PERFORMANCE FOR THE TRAIL AND BEYOND Answering the prayers of riders seeking the ultimate in plush suspension, the new DHX brings coil-sprung, magic-carpet, trail-smoothing performance in a wide range of configurations to the trails and beyond. ADJUSTMENTS - Independent 2 Position Open/Firm Lever - Low Speed Rebound – 16 Clicks - Low Speed Compression – 11 Clicks - Coil spring preload - (new detents on spring collar) SPECS & FAMILY FEATURES - ALL-NEW chassis and damper - High-flow main piston - Numbered Tool-free 12 position single-turn LSC (Low Speed Compression) adjuster - Independent firm mode circuit – 2 position adjuster - Optimized reservoir lengths per shock size - Hydraulic top out feature - Reduced damper noise - MCU bottom out bumper - Single-turn rebound adjuster with a variety of access modes (Tool-free, 3mm hex (direct access), 2mm hex or similar (side access) - Spring preload collar with detents and max / min number of clicks and direction arrow - Full diameter spring retainer with wire ring (like DHX2) - Spring scuff guard on body (like DHX2) ALL FACTORY DHX SHOCKS - Shaft Coating Chromoly - Ultra-low friction, highly durable damper shaft finish - VVC Rebound Yes - Detents on spring collar Yes
The Performance Series shock has the 2-position climb switch, low speed compression, and low speed rebound adjustments only. There are no high speed damping adjustments on the shock.
Designed specifically to meet the demands of aggressive trail riders, the new FLOAT X combines sophisticated damping and fade free performance with incredible light weight and outstanding structural integrity.
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